Июнь 2018г.

Завершены монтажные работы на крымском автомобильном мосту.

Декабрь 2017г.

Завершены работы по объекту капительного ремонта СПб ГБУК «Санкт-Петербургского государственного академического театра балета имени Леонида Якобсона»

Ноябрь 2016г.

Получено положительное заключение СПБ ГАУ «ЦГЭ» по ДОУ : Каменка, квартал 78 А, ул. Добровольцев, д.56, корп. 3, литера А, ул. Олеко Дундича, д.20, корп.2, литера А

Ноябрь 2016г.

Завершены работы по договору с «Санкт-Петербургским Молодежным театром на Фонтанке»

Апрель 2016 г.

Проектная документация по объекту: Гаражный комплекс по адресу: г.Санкт-Петербург, Пулковское шоссе, участок 16 (северо-восточнее д. 30, литера Е, по Пулковскому шоссе), находится на рассмотрение в государственной экспертизе

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S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy


Organizational structure of the Academy is set by state according to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. Federal State-Funded military Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy”of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has more than 16 thousand people in its personnel. The structural subdivisions include: military Institution (physical education) and research-and-development testing university (military medicine).

Architectural complex of the Academy has immense historical and cultural value. Out of 112 capital buildings 25 are defined by UNESCO as architectural monuments and under protection of the government.

Building of the academy began in 1799 according to the project of Antonio Porto (until 1803) and was finished in 1809 ruled by A.N. Voronihin. The walls of the main hall are decorated with famous frescoes of Italian artist Pierrot Angelle. He also accomplished decoration of the dome and images of goodness of healing art, pharmaceutics and science in the “sails”, framing the dome.

The monuments of famous masters (A.I. Stakenschneider, D.I. Jensen, M.K. Anikushin) are placed on the territory of academy: “to Military doctors, fallen at wars” “…To cadets and students of Stalingrad course of the navel medical academy for celebrating 30 years since the Great Victory on the Volga river”., famous medical scientists J.V. Villie, N.I. Pirogov, S.P. Botkin. A bronze statue of the Goddess of health Hygieia is placed in front of the façade of the main building. There are busts of I.M. Balinsky, E.I. Bogdanovsky, N.N. Zinin, N.I. Pirogov, M.M. Rudnev, S.P. Fedorov in clinic buildings and departments. On the facades of the clinic buildings and departments 29 marble plates are set, dedicated to famous scientists, who worked in the academy and who were a part of its glory. The names of professors, teachers, cadets, students and other staff who never returned from the Great Patriotic War and other wars are immortalized on the memorial plaques in the hall of the main building of the academy.

The confirmation of the admission of Academy as an institution of the global importance was the assignment of the rank of the Honor Member of the Military Medical Academy to more than 300 outstanding scientists working in the area of natural history and medicine of Russia and foreign countries, as well as significant statesmen. The Military Medical Academy was at the origins of the Academy of medical sciences created in 1944, December. The authority of the Military Medical Academy was created by its professors, doctors and teachers, many of which became founders of the famous scientific schools. There are such names as N.I.Pirogov, who founded the school of mobile field surgery; S.P. Botkin, the founder of the mobile field therapist school, I.M. Sechenov and I.P. Pavlov, the founders of the Russian physiologists school; I.M. Arinkin, the founder of the hematology, E.N. Pavlovsky, the founder of the parasitologists and infectionist school, N.P. Simanovsky, the founder of the school of otolaryngology, biophysics school was created by V.V.Petrov (the first Russian electrician), V. M. Bekhterev – the founder of the school of neurology and psychoneurology, K.M. Figurnov – the founder of the school of military gynecologists; V.A. Hilko founded the neurosurgery school.

The Academy was included in the State code of of especial valuable objects of the cultural inheritance of nations of Russian Federation by the decree of the president dated from 1998, December, 17th № 1595.

LTD “ORANTUS” is accomplishing the restoration works on the object.

The Officer’s house


The officer’s assembly is situated in the monumental building at the corner of Liteyny Avenue and Kirochnaya street, built in incredibly short terms (2,5 years). The site was opened in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II. The building is accomplished in “Russian style”, very popular in 1860-90 years, which at that period underlined nationality, patriotism and had some features of fortress and church architecture of XV-XVII centuries. The authors of the project are professor, the military engineer colonel V.M. Ivanov and the architect A.I. Gauguin. The detailed working-out of the building was accomplished by the military engineers: colonel Gauger V.K. and captain Donchenko A.D. The group of famous architects, among them Benoit L.N. and Tomishko A.O., was consulting the project. The head of building process was a military engineer Smirnov N.V.

The officer’s assembly is situated in the monumental building at the corner of Liteyny Avenue and Kirochnaya street, built in incredibly short terms (2,5 years). The site was opened in the presence of Emperor Nicholas II. The building is accomplished in “Russian style”, very popular in 1860-90 years, which at that period underlined nationality, patriotism and had some features of fortress and church architecture of XV-XVII centuries. The authors of the project are professor, the military engineer colonel V.M. Ivanov and the architect A.I. Gauguin. The detailed working-out of the building was accomplished by the military engineers: colonel Gauger V.K. and captain Donchenko A.D. The group of famous architects, among them Benoit L.N. and Tomishko A.O., was consulting the project. The head of building process was a military engineer Smirnov N.V.

The new officer’s assembly became an important center of St.-Petersburg’s cultural and social life. It was a place to hold the concerts, performances, reports, exhibitions, and a great variety of spending the leisure time. There were balls, routs, concerts. Considerable part of the building was occupied by a hotel (84 rooms). There were dining rooms, restaurants, billiard. A luxury library was available. New shops were opened – “The economy community of the guard’s corps officers”, the dressing room and shoe repairing shops.

“The officer’s community of Army and Navy” has been functional up to the autumn of 1917. After the October revolution the center for organization of Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army was created on its base, which afterwards became famous as the house of WPRA. In 1924, April 8th the building was transmitted to “Leningrad’s House of Red Army” (LHRA). In 1934 LHRA was given the title S.M. of Kirov.

117 years had passed since March, 1898, when the doors of Officer’s house of Army and Navy opened for the first time. But still, like it was at the end of century before last, this grandiose house with a spire meets its visitors with a beauty of vestibule and grandeur of main staircase! It’s can be said without a doubt that today “Officer’s house of Western district” is a massive center for organization of substantial and interesting leisure not only for soldiers and their families but for the citizens and visitors of Saint-Petersburg as well. Everyone who visits Officer’s House can join any form of activity which is suitable for one’s age, preference and interest.

Our organization is accomplishing projects and restoration works at the moment, which consider location following subdivisions and rooms:

  • The concert hall of main corps with the increase of seats up to 700;
  • Dance hall;
  • Conference hall;
  • Museum of history of troops of the Western military district;
  • Library;
  • Museum of military archeology;
  • Café and restaurant on the ground floor;
  • Hotel’s café
  • Banquet hall with manufacturing facilities, electro-acoustic facilities and stage lighting.
  • Storage place for material and technical values;
  • Maintenance room, amenity room, additional rooms according to purpose and workload of the main subunits.
  • Barbershop;
  • Confectionary manufactory;
  • Administration rooms on the ground floor;
  • The complex of living rooms on the third floor;
  • Hotel complex up to 50 rooms and 10 apartments with all necessary functionality;
  • Billiard room
  • Rooms for veteran’s choir; another veteran’s organizations;
  • The gym;
  • Rooms for currently available courses.

"Through the Looking Glass"


"Through the Looking Glass"- one of the best musical theaters of St. Petersburg. The theater's repertoire contains performances both for children and for adults - masterpieces of world opera classics, as well as symphonic concerts, chamber music evenings.

St. Petersburg State Children's Musical Theater "Through the Looking Glass" occupies a special place in the culture of St. Petersburg. The name of the theater, invented in 1987 by its creators — artistic Director A. Petrov and musical Director P. Bubelnikov has the influence of paradoxical philosophy of Lewis Carroll and refers to a particular artistic view on the nature of creativity.

Music can "balance" easily and naturally on the edge of the real world and extraordinary one like no other art, reflect ourselves and give us the opportunity to look behind the other side of the mirror — through the looking glass that keeps our dreams, fantasies, and search for undiscovered, unknown.

Completed works:

  • Mechanical equipment for the main stage with the electric drive and automation of the stage;
  • the system of electro-acoustics of the Great hall, electro-acoustic recording studio, director’s system of communication, alarm system, electro-acoustics system of the Minor hall;
  • the system of stage lighting of the scene, composition of the system of stage lighting, hardware management and control of lighting system, equipment of control system and power distribution of lighting equipment, stage lighting, dynamic lighting equipment.

Youth Theatre


Youth theater begins with a poetic image of the woods ... the image is poetic and symbolic.

The theatre appeared on the site where, protected by the decree of the Tsar Peter I, the birch grove was, The real story of the Izmailovsky garden or a garden "Buff", as the citizens of old St.-Petersburg got used to call it, began in 1901; and an enterprising inhabitant of Yaroslavl, Peter Vianorovich Tompakov, can be considered as "the godfather" of it.

In 1901 a former floor cleaner from a yaroslavl tea shop, short in height, with a vivid face, clever and cunning eyes, quite active (in spite of his rounded complexion), Tumpakov rented land of Tarasovs’ merchants; that’s confirmed on a public paper with a big imperial seal dated from 1901, August, 10th which allows building of the area named as “izmaylovsky garden”, for arranging on it places for rest and other entertainment venues at the discretion of the owner”. “New owner” of Izmaylovsky destroyed all the buildings in there, except the orchestra shell, and built a theatre with the stalls under the roof, "flooded" the garden with electricity, and planted huge flower beds of fresh and artificial flowers near the entrance.

Bulbs would lit in these flowers in the evening, the garden would filled with colorful lights and these electric "butterflies", flying here and there, were a surprisingly spectacular sight. The new theatre and garden "Buff" has become a favorite place of rest for citizens. It has become a tradition that "spring" in the city was opened by Tumpakov, and all the true Petersburg’s citizens considered their duty to attend the opening of the "Buff".

Everything was inimitable: the voice of Vyaltseva and Nicolay Monahov, who became the favorite of the audience.

Since 1989 and up to these days Semyon Spivak rules the institution. Thanks to his introduced lyrics, Youth theatre on the Fontanka began a new life. Performances of this "magic" director can be considered as free-for-all in every meaning of this word.

Our organization has long and successful cooperation with the theater as a service provider for the supply and installation of sound and lighting equipment.

SFEI Elementary School - Kindergarten № 437


Accomplishing of works for the complex overhaul, including design and survey works of the the object, supplying of the object (State educational institution secondary school №437 of Kurortny district of St. Petersburg , Pesochny settlement, Leningradskaya Str., D. 53, letter. A") with equipment, installation, commissioning activities and other works inextricably linked with the object.

State Academic Mariinsky Theater

The building of the Concert Hall has historic connections with the Mariinsky Theatre. In 1900 the Set Workshops and Hall of the Board of the Imperial Theatres, which came under the authority of the Mariinsky Theatre in 1917, was built to a design by Viktor Schröter on this site. For over a century unique sets were created in the workshops for numerous productions, many of which survive in the theatre’s repertoire to this day. In September 2003 a fire broke out in the Set Workshops that destroyed almost all the costumes and sets being stored there and that damaged the building so much that it seemed it would be impossible to restore it.

However, Maestro Gergiev decided to build a new Concert Hall on the site of the previous workshops,   while fully preserving the historic façade which miraculously survived the fire. At the same time, a new façade -  a unique example of the new architecture of the twenty-first century - has been made on the opposite side that comes out on the Decembrists street. According to Xavier Fabre -the author of the project of the new Concert Hall, its architecture specialties will combine elements of "this century and the last” organically.

The opening of the Concert Hall was another significant date in the history of Russian theater. This is the only Russian theatre and concert venue of the highest level, which is built in accordance with the latest developments in construction and intended for holding concert programs. As for the technology and acoustics, to the credit of Mr. Toyota, new hall is comparable to the world's finest concert venues, such as the concert hall in Lucerne, Sapporo and Birmingham, the Berlin Philharmonic , the Leipzig Gewandhaus and the Disney Hall in Los Angeles. The new hall is provided with the possibility of the desired transformation of the stage, depending on the program for the evening. Ability to control separate sections of the stage makes it possible to vary the positions of orchestral groups or to form an orchestra pit. The hall can also be used for semi-staged snows of operas and ballets.

Today, there wouldn’t be a new concert hall, if it were not for the huge support provided by many individuals and companies who believed in this project and made serious efforts to implement it.

June 14, 2006 – Rehearsal of the Orchestra at the new concert hall of the Mariinsky Theatre.

On June 14, the new Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre hosted the first acoustic rehearsal. There were the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko and the participants of the World Economic Forum, taking place these days in St. Petersburg.  Valery Gergiev conducted the orchestra of the Mariinsky Theatre.

Guests gave a high rate to the acoustic capabilities of the hall. It is planned that the new hall will be completely opened at the beginning of the 224 theater season.

"It was an interesting task. Our company was installing the lighting assembly of the complex of newly constructed Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre. There have been moments when we rewired pipes for about 2-3 times (due to inconsistencies between the general contractor and subcontractors). Nevertheless, the hall has been built and our system of art light is working successfully. The first concerts were in the "open air", because the roof had not been mounted yet, and our experts provided the ability to manage all the staging theatrical light. «- (Excerpt from an interview with General Director of «Orantus» Rybnikova MA from 28.11.2007 «St. Petersburg construction market," 11 (105))

Chronology of works:

March 1, 2006

LLC «Orantus" together with LLC " DOCA - St. Petersburg ", started  the electrical work on the complex of stage lighting where the former workshops  were reconstructing and renovating  under the Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre. The special difficulty during this work is the fact that the installation of equipment is going on in the open-air, as there no roof yet, and the weather conditions are poor, the building site is literally flooded by spring rains often. But the target has been set, the deadlines are specified, and we have no doubt we will cope successfully with this responsible task.

May 2, 2006

"Mariinka - 3" will be handed over on time.

The works in the building reconstructed at the Mariinsky Theatre Concert Hall are going on, still works are in the open air, but a large volume of work has been done already  and it seems  even nature is amicable to us,  for the rainy days of March and April were changed into sunny May days.

November 29, 2007

Concert Hall of the Mariinsky Theatre has been opened, which had been called «The Mariinsky Theatre -3". One of the first who saw it was President Vladimir Putin, and in his short speech he called the construction of the hall «an example of a successful partnership between the state and private investors» (the state has allocated $ 15 million and investors - 25 million), and appreciated the acoustics. Acoustics is the pride of "Mariinsky- 3". It was under the control of a major Japanese firm Nagata Acoustics, to be exact - the famous sound professional Yasuhisa Toyota, who worked in Russia for the first time . Depending on the need - chamber music or symphonic sounds - acoustics can change with the help of special panels on the ceiling. The hall is designed for 1,100 seats.

 French architect Xavier Fabre put a modern European-looking hall into the three historic walls that remained after the burned Mariinsky Theatre Workshops in the 2003. He also believes that the reconstruction of the workshops is unique in St. Petersburg on the timing, size and its cardinal nature.

Specialists of «Orantus ", together with «DOCA St. Petersburg", engaged in the projection and installation of the stage lighting in this hall.


The Hermitage Theatre

The Hermitage Theatre - one of the five buildings of the famous palace complex. It was built in the XVIII century, during the reign of Catherine II. That centenary loved and understood the theater, transforming often life itself into a spectacle. And so, in an epoch when muses and the fate favored the theater arts, there appeared the Hermitage Theatre. There are clarity and purity in the exterior of the building, which is surprisingly combined with the picturesque of Baroque style, but without conceding or contradicting with the grandeur of Rastrelli’s palace. It was built, according to the the order of the Empress, by a «strict classic" - the architect Giacomo Quarenghi. Court Theatre is the world just for the elite. The theater set the tone and dictated fashion, which were followed by others, numerous private and public scenes. Plays that were given here were incredibly splendid, some magnificent scenery was replacing with others, music, ballet and unusual scenic effects just merged into one magical performance. The atmosphere of the picturesque greatness that prevailed in the theater once was described as «music for the eyes” by one of its creator, an Italian artist and architect Pietro Gonzaga.

 The director of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrowski , called the new complex of stage lighting of the Hermitage Theatre "Another exhibit of a rich collection of the Hermitage" that was demonstrated at the general gathering of the Hermitage’s staff, and afterwards to the reporters at the annual press conference on December 7, 2007.

The decision for changing the lighting complex of the Hermitage Theatre was made by the Directorate of the Hermitage nearly four years ago. But current state of the theatre, as researching had shown was disappointing: the new equipment could be used only after complete replacement of the power system of the stage lighting and creation a new net to control the light. Still the decision was made and now there is no doubt that was a right thing to do.

First of all, together with the specialists of the theatre and education department the project was worked out. It included practically three distinct separate lighting systems. After all, the Hermitage theatre not only a stage area, where spectacles play every evening, it is also the museum object which is visited every day, and the place for seminars and lectures as well. It was important to define priorities and provide fully autonomous operation of each system.

After the approval of the project, there was installation of new lines. It was a very tense night work on the stage and around it that lasted for nearly one year. One of the main conditions of renovation was the request not to interrupt theatre’s life, and that was fulfilled. New power lines, about several kilometers, were laid beside the old ones. The shifting to the new lines was provided just for about 9 hours. At the same time the dimmer blocks were mounted and new lighting control consoles were set. This modern equipment was delivered from Germany and USA.  

At the end of the last year the reconstruction of light had been finished in the auditorium:  illumination of the dome of the hall has been repaired, the statue’s illumination has been set, a special mobile constructions for fixing projectors were made.

Finally, the Hermitage has got new lighting equipment this year. What had been shown on December, 7 was a result of four year work the theatre and educational department, office of the chief engineer of the Hermitage, "DOCA - St. Petersburg" specialists, LLC «Orantus" specialists’ installers. It was they who managed to do all the huge volume of the construction works.

What is the Hermitage Theatre now? There is the best modern lighting complex, which includes more than 200 theatrical lightings and spotlights made in New Zeeland and USA.

The foundation of the complex is remote controlled spotlights from “Alpha” seria, made in Italy. It is necessary to mention that the number of such devices (there are 37 of these) the Hermitage Theatre is the leader among all theaters of St. Petersburg, and mounted spotlights 15 "Alpha Profile" on the stage whose production started only in 2007 - the first and still the only ones in our city.

It is no exaggeration to say that the spotlights of the series "Alpha" have almost limitless possibilities. Powerful and clean light output, great optics, color mixing system that allows getting every possible shade of color, a large number of metal and glass gobos to form a light beam - this is just a part of its function.

Figuratively speaking, the Hermitage Theatre’s lighting designers have a wonderful palette, and we are sure they will be able to take full advantage of this tool.

Specification of works:

Major overhaul of the power system and the control system of the complex theater lighting;

Extending of the new power lines, made in accordance with the requirements of the SAE in the pipes;

Replacement of the input power device, lights were restored which illuminating the ceiling of the auditorium;

Highlighting of the statues;

Manufactured and installed additional metal construction for the installation of equipment;

A video surveillance system is installed.

The new lighting set includes: 15 scanners with a moving body with a beam profiling ALPHA PROFILE 1200 SV, 10 Colour Changers with a moving body ALPHA WASH 1200, 2 Colour Changers with a moving body ALPHA WASH 575, 10 scanners with a moving body 575 ALPHA SPOT HPE, 80 floodlight AURORA Cyc, 6 fixtures floodlight AURORA GROUNDROW, 33 spotlights PACIFIC 12-28 ZOOM, 40 spotlights PACIFIC 23-50 ZOOM, 16 spotlights Leader Light, 12 ramp lights.

Chronology of the reconstruction of the lighting of the Hermitage Theatre is given below:

November 2005 .The first phase of the reconstruction of the Hermitage Theatre has been finished.

It should be mentioned that the firm "DOCA - St. Petersburg" also took a part in the reconstruction of the Hermitage Theatre.

Objectives of the first phase of reconstruction have been performed. November 30, 2005 signed a certificate of acceptance into operation of a new power supply and control the lighting. Preparations for the second phase of reconstruction begin, includes work on the mechanics of the scene and the lighting of the hall of the theater.

October 7, 2005

The following works had been made in the rooms of the Hermitage Theatre:

Installing power control units of the system ADL Direct Control

Installation of power lines and system control ADL Direct Control

The installation of additional dimmer units, control panels, power lines and stage lighting control lines, which is used for the concerts and rehearsals

Commissioning works on mounting complex

September 10, 2005

The following set of works Made in the room of the Hermitage Theatre:

Installation and connection of dimmer cabinets

Fabrication and installation of wiring boxes

 Equipment of the cable lines with connectors

Replacement of the power supply terminals of the lighting devices

Installation and connection of the control system of stage lighting

Installation of the line lighting control under the protocol DMX and Ethernet for lighting devices

Production of commissioning works of the complex of the stage lighting

Removal of old power lines of control

April 28, 2005

The following works were made by specialists of "Orantus" in the rooms of Hermitage Theatre:

Fabrication and installation of a new input device

Installation of metal trays and tubes for the power lines and laying on of power lines in the scenic area

Fabrication and installation of the new soffit loops

Installation of terminal cabinets for switching of power lines

The result was the restoration of the normal operation of the lighting system in the Hermitage Theater.

March 1, 2006

The agreement about extension of the works was signed, which was to be in the rooms of Hermitage Theatre and its surroundings according to the project of capital repairs of the power units, control system, electrical networks and management networks of stage and general lighting of the scene.

December 7, 2006

The work package, that LLC "Orantus" held in conjunction with "DOCA - St. Petersburg" had been completely finished. Within the agreements, for a two and a half period time the following had been done: the power part of the lighting was replaced, new lighting control consoles were installed, the power lines and control lines were completely replaced.

A video surveillance system was installed in the theatre, which allows not only to watch and control everything in the foyer, auditorium, on the stage, in the thyristor, but to videotape the events that held in the theater as well.

Significantly changed the light of the auditorium: a newly working lights are installed along the visor hall and illuminate the magnificent openwork ceiling, illumination of twelve statues is appeared, it should be noted that the lighting project was also changed, for the specialists of "Orantus" offered a number of completely new solutions of illuminating the stage and hall, and were supported by the theatre’s administration. Metal structures in the hall, on which spotlights are set, became lifting- lowering and can be hidden now when not used.

Hermitage Directorate headed by the M.B. Piotrovsky took the result of works in the Hermitage Theatre. The commission appreciated high the quality of work and originality of technical solutions. We are looking forward to be involved in new projects.

“From an implementation standpoint, it was difficult and very interesting project for the Hermitage Theater. This is the theater which activity can’t be stopped: there are always some conferences, different events with participation of foreigners, there are spectacles. So we had to work in the theater that wasn’t closed.  What is it like? It means we needed to arrange our regime with the theater, work at nights, while working in the presence of some ballet or opera or foreigner guests at daytime. And according to the accident prevention, the work on the grates above the stage is forbidden at all, if anyone at the stage” (Excerpt from an interview with the General Director of "Orantus" Rybnikova MA from 28.11.2007 "St. Petersburg construction market," 11 (105))

As a result, we have mounted the complex of stage lighting that completely duplicate present system. All the lines were re-routed in the metallic tubes, according to the current rules and regulation. It was difficult to switch the previous system to the new one. Our intention was to wait until the moment we would have a day at least, to switch the new system. The risk was enormous, but we succeeded in the end. It’s interesting to mention that the staff of the Hermitage theatre had to spend a few days on the adaptation of the lighting for spectacles, to avoid the “blinding” of actors because it is technologically fundamentally different from what it was before. We have learned a lot from this work, for we had to create non-standard technical solutions during the installation.

State Concert Hall "Oktyabrsky"

This shining cube that was made from glass and sunny saaremaa dolomite grew up in the centre of the city in 1967 of October. The main concert hall was called exactly the same - Big October concert hall. It’s strict and modern image suits the classical ensemble of the antique Petersburg surprisingly harmonically. Through all this years Concert Hall "Oktyabrskiy" has become favorite place to have a rest for local people and for tourists; it has become a dear home for many famous actors. You hardly would find such a diverse and rich repertoire anywhere else! Everyone can find something suitable there just for himself.

30 of November in 2007 was signed an act of Working commission, which is responsible for acceptance into operation the new system of general lighting of the audience. Ltd “ORANTYS” took part in this important project.

General cost of the project was more than 20 million rubles. There were 400 lamps that were changed (it had been lighting audience hall for 40 years), to the new energy-saving lamps of TORN company, and so-called “television light” operation was restored as well. Admittedly now it is absolutely another version. The modern projectors like Alpha Spot 1200HPE with moving cases replaced the usual ones. They were installed in a row on the first acoustic plane so they can work not only for the hall when there is TV shoot, but also can allow creating amazing lighting effects on the scene. The control system of live broadcasts (Petersburg Company «ADL Electronics» was mounted. The project of reconstruction of the general lighting in the auditorium was was developed by by JSC "TeleKinoProekt."

Below is the specification of works and equipment that was installed: during the working process the old dimmer was completely dismantled and new 14 dimmer blocks were installed ADB EURORACK 60/243 and 4 blocks of ADB EURORACK 60/125 for about 384 control channel,  lighting control console "Start" was dismantled, supplied and installed control panels of light ADB PHOENIX 10 / XT and ADB PHOENIX 2 / XT, mounted dimmer blocks for the system control  of the General lighting of the auditorium, control system of live broadcasts was mounted.

Completely replaced the lighting equipment: in hall there is 30 scanners ROULETTE 1200 LD, 40 spotlights MULTIPAR PROFESSIONAL 575/600, 50 floodlights SCENE 1000 A PRO, 146 theatrical spotlights STAGE 2000 T, 114 lensless spotlights PAR 64 BLACK LONG NOSE, 2 spotlights of tracking light OPERA MSS 1200 and 8 spotlights - OPERA MMD 2500, 12 scanners with a moving case STAGE ZOOM 1200, 16 lamps SVT 1000, 12 scanners with a moving case 3-60-4 and other lighting equipment.

A montage of the equipment of system of general lighting in the auditorium was made. The modern energy-saving lamps Thorn (565 lamps) were installed instead of previous lamps for general lighting of the auditorium, a new system to manage the general hall light was installed, the old control system for managing the live broadcast was dismantled and ADL Direct Control was installed, 20 scanners Alpha Spot 1200 manufactured by Clay Paky with the moving cases are mounted.

Below the chronology of the works is shown:

In 2003

The agreement of subcontract has been concluded Between LLC "Orantus" and LLC "DOCA - Saint - Petersburg" for complete reconstruction of the complex of stage lighting State Concert Hall "Oktyabrskiy".

During 2003

The works on a full renovation of the stage lighting in State Concert Hall "Oktyabrskiy" were completed by "ORANTUS". This work should be specially noticed, for it was the first project of such a great importance.

"The complexity of this project was the fact that for 40 calendar days we needed to carry out the dismantling of the old and installation of a new set of stage lighting. We had to replace about 20 kilometers of steel tubes that were attached to each other by threaded connections as welding is prohibited in these halls. We laid about 200 kilometers of wires and connected more than 400 units of lamps, made the removal of all lighting devices, we carried the routing and switching of new power lines, DMX control lines and Efhernet, mounted the new equipment and lighting devices.

We had been working as a subcontractor of "Doc-Media" at this object. The working process kept going on around the clock in three shifts, despite the large amount of work and questions during the installation and commissioning works. On the appointed day Oktyabrsky concert hall opened its new season with a concert of Alexander Rosenbaum, who is traditionally opens new season it this hall. This was the first major theatre project, which we dealt with successfully. - (Excerpt from an interview with general Director of "Orantus" Rybnikova MA from 28.11.2007 "St. Petersburg construction market," 11 (105))

September 7, 2004

The following works has been performed Indoors of  BKZ « Oktyabrsky »:

Installation and commissioning works of the scene driver’s panel

Commissioning works of lifting and lowering device of the soffits and flying system

Commissioning works of the scene’s conveyor

December 16, 2005

For the State Concert Hall "Oktyabrsky»

Development of project documentation for Reconstruction of the MSB was made.

August 25, 2006

A contract was signed with the Big Concert Hall "October" which supposes the company "Orantus" to perform the following series of works in the room of the concert hall:

The work on setting up the scene driver’s panel

Checking the electrical lines of power and control

Alexandrinsky theatre

The Russian State Pushkin Academy Drama Theater - the legendary Alexandrinsky Theater - is the oldest Russian national theater. It was founded by the Senate’s Decree, signed by Empress Elizabeth (daughter of Peter the Great) on August 30, 1756, the day of Saint Alexander Nevsky. This theater is the progenitor of all Russian theaters and the date of its foundation is the birthday of the Russian professional theater. Foundation of the theater gave a start to the Russian state policy in the field of theater arts. 

The Russian State Drama Theater served as an attribute of the Russian state system for over two and a half centuries. In the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries it was the main imperial theater; Russian emperors had been directly involved with its guidance.

Since 1832, the Russian State Drama Theater has resided in a magnificent building (built by a project of the great architect Carlo Rossi) in the very center of Nevsky Avenue, the main thoroughfare of St. Petersburg. The building was named the Alexandrinsky Theater (in the honor of Alexandra Fedorovna, the spouse of Emperor Nikolay the First) and since then the name of Alexandrinsky Theater has been tightly bound to the world theatrics history.

Here, at the Alexandrinsky Theater, took place premieres of practically all plays of the Russian drama classics: from the "Woes of Wits" by A. Griboyedov to the plays by A. Ostrovsky and A. Chekhov. The Alexandrinsky Theater is a textbook of Russian theatrics. A number of renowned actors performed on its stage - from V. Karatygin and A. Martynov to N. Simonov, N. Cherkasov, V. Merkuriev, I. Gorbachev, and B. Freindlikh. Talents of famous Russian actresses had flourished on this stage - from E. Semyonova, M. Savina (founder of the Russian Union of Theater Artists), V. Komissarzhevskaya to E. Korchagina-Alexandrovskaya, E. Time, and N. Urgant. Today, such actors as S. Parshin, V. Smirnov, N. Burov, N. Marton, I. Volkov, A. Devotchenko, S. Smirnova, I. Voznesenskaya, M. Kuznetsova, K. Petrova and many others are working here.

Outstanding theater directors, such as V. Meyerhold, L. Vivien, G. Kozintsev, G. Tovstonogov, and N. Akimov, worked at the theater. Today the theater is directed by an acclaimed director, People’s Artist of Russia, Laureate of State Awards Valery Fokin.  Alexandrinsky’s productions are catalogued in all world theater encyclopedias. A whole number of great artists, such as A. Benua, K. Korovin, A. Golovin, N. Altma, and famous composers like A. Glazunov, D. Shostakovich, R. Shchedrin cooperated with the theater.

Academician Dmitry Lihachev had not once mentioned in his speeches and writings that the Alexandrinsky Theater was the true national treasure of Russia. (the article uses material from the site,

In 2006, together with "Doc - St. Petersburg" the company "Orantus" performed works according to the project of full reconstruction of the stage lighting system, including the replacement of power communications and control system of the Alexandrinsky theatre.

The new lighting set includes:

2 remote controls of light Micron 4D with the necessary software and the possibility of distant control, dimming system CompuDim for 576 channels, system of unregulated chains ADL DC (2004), 10 controlled spotlights Source Four Revolution with the scrollers, 14 controlled holders of projectors with scrollers Yoke Luna with installed spotlights PAR64, 4 Colour Changers Alpha Wash 1200, 3 scanners with a moving case Alpha Spot HPE 1200, 62 lens spotlight HP PC1200, 16 spotlights lens ARENA PC2500, 46 spotlights specialized Pacific Zoom 12-28 80 volt 1200 watt, 54 profile spotlight Pacific Zoom 12-28 220 volt 1000 Watt, 36 Source Four spotlights profile 36 °,24 Source Four spotlights profile 19 °, 19 Source Four spotlights profile 10 °, 20 Source Four spotlights profile 26 °, 2 spotlights profile Source Four 5 °, 20 projectors with interchangeable lenses Source Four PAR EA, 100 spotlights lensless PAR64 Black Standart, 40 scattered light fixtures DOMINO 1200W, 14 modules of 4 units of asymmetric floodlighting at 0,25 kW, Art Lighting, 2 spotlights tracking light SHADOW QS-ST-1200, 6 scanners with a moving case Alpha Spot HPE 575, 6 Colour Changers Alpha Wash 575, 20 projectors lens Acclaim Pc, 30 spotlights lensless PAR64 Black Short, 36 horizontal asymmetric luminaire AHR-500, 12 balanced horizontal lamp CHR-500, 2 units of daylight Arri 2500 HMI, 10 Colour Changers CP COLOR 400 PFC, 8 Colour Changers CP COLOR MH.

August 30, 2006

The festive opening ceremony of the historic building of Aleksandrinsky Theater took place after the renovation and restoration.

Festive theatrical action was created by director Andrew Moguchy with artist Alexander Shishkin and composer Leonid Desyatnikov , which was pompous, demonstrating the unique technical capabilities of the updated Alexandrinsky stage, and at the same time ironic and nostalgically sad.

When the faces of the actors of the past years "floated" across the hall, and through a photo of the troupe of the 1913 revealed the current troupe’s photo, many people in the audience had tears in their eyes.

At the end of gala evening the theater was congratulated by plenipotentiary representative of the RF President in the North-West district, Ilya Klebanov, governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko, Head of the Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography Mikhail Shvydkoj. At the end of the ceremony an official reception was organized. The theatre received congratulations from representatives of culture and art, Russian theatres, foreign consulates - of Japan, the Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Lithuania. Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Vladimir read the greetings of the Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II. The guests were invited in an excursion around the halls that have been opened in the enfilade of the third tier of the "Museum of Russian drama".


Saint-Petersburg state academic Akimov Comedy theatre

Saint-Petersburg state academic Akimov Comedy theatre is situated at Nevsky prospect, 56. Below there is a brief article about the history of this house and about the Akimov Comedy Theater.

House of the commercial partnership «Brothers Eliseev family» (Eliseevsky store) - building on the corner of Nevsky prospect (house 56) and Malaya Sadovaya street (house 8) in St. Petersburg, a monument of architecture of early modernism.

The house was constructed in 1902-1903 by architect Gabriel V. Baranovsky to store the colonial goods of commercial partnership «Elisseeff Brothers». The building stands out against the background of classical architecture Nevsky Prospect with its stained glass, sculptures and luxury decoration. Style of the building was designed to show the richness of the partnership and attract the attention of potential customers. Stained-glass windows are covering several floors on the Neva side of the building, creating an impression of one giant showcase. On the façade there are sculptures of A. G. Adamson «Industry», «Trade», «Art» and «Science».

The theatre hall on the second floor of the houses of the merchants Eliseev (it was built in 1904, architect. G. Century Baranovsky) always was there. Since 1904, the hall was leased to various theater companies: the capital "Nevsky farce", "modern theater" entreprise running by Valentina Lin.

Though the official date of birth of the theatre of Comedy, as a public institution, is 1929, a truly artistic life of the theater began in 1935 when director Nikolai Akimov has came. Acute expressiveness of his "beautiful" directing, the art of the great artists-Irene Zarubina , Lydia Sukharev , Boris Tenin , Alexandra Beniaminova , Ellen Junger  and many other revealed to the viewer a new type of professional democratic Comedy theatre. The overwhelming success of the famous Akimov's performances of "Shadow", "Dragon", "twelfth night", "Dog in the manger", "don Giovanni" has created sustainable glory and absolute recognition for the theatre, over which time has no power.

Since 1995 Comedy theatre is headed by Tatiana Kazakova. In the sphere of her aesthetic interests are movements of the human soul, vicissitudes of human destinies. The identity of the creative handwriting and artistic individuality allow the director to create her works of high style, which features are bright figurativeness, expressiveness and associations of mise en scene of a picture, semantic fullness and musicality of space. The theatre of Tatiana Kazakova is strong, first of all, with the expressiveness of the cast, which perfection consists of harmonious and unexpected combination of bright and talented individuals.

Akimov Comedy theatre is one of the constant clients of our company. Cooperation of Ltd. "Orantus" and theater dates back to 2003 when the first agreement was signed for the supply and installation of lighting equipment. In 2006, our company has won the tender for the right to a state contract for the reconstruction of Akimov Comedy theatre. Since then we had been repeatedly performing various works in the premises of the theater:

Works on replacement of stage lighting

Works on the restoration the white hall of the theatre which is now used as the small stage of the theatre

Works on the reconstruction of the thyristor and other premises

Manufacturing and mounting of the devices for lifting of lowering external soffit.

Below is a chronology of work

December 1, 2003

Ltd. "Orantus" has started realization of complex works in the premises of the Akimov Comedy theatre.  Procurement of equipment and supplies was conducted to perform electrical work and carry out these works in the room rehearsal room on the second floor.

At the end of April 2004

Ltd. «Orantus» finished electrical installation works and installation of illumination equipment; there was the delivery of dimmer blocks and sets of lighting equipment for the equipment in the White hall of the St Petersburg academic theatre of Akimov Comedy theatre. Restoration in the White hall was completed by the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg and today it is used as a small stage of the theater.

Works were conducted together with the firm «DOKA - Sankt-Peterburg»

«DOKA - Sankt-Peterburg» is our old and reliable partner.

21 March 2005

In the premises of Akimov Comedy theatre a survey was conducted of the electric lines stage lighting and then its repair.

6 April 2006

Signed another agreement with Akimov Comedy theatre

Under the conditions of the agreement LLC « Orantus » has started performance of the following works:

Development of construction for lifting-lowering devices;

Procurement of necessary equipment;

Mounting and commissioning of devices for lifting-lowering;

September 26, 2005

Works on reconstruction of a complex of stage lighting and device stage of the State Academic theatre of Comedy is going on. Specialists of Ltd «Orantus» tested mechanical equipment of the scene.

June 9, 2006

Specialists of Ltd « Orantus » started the following works according to the plan of the reconstruction of the stage lighting and devices scene of Saint-Petersburg State Academic theatre of Comedy

Acquisition and installation of stage lighting,

Acquisition and installation of systems of the audiovisual equipment

Installation of electrical power and lighting

8 September 2006

Works are continuing in the premises of St. Petersburg State Academic theatre of Comedy

Concluded a contract under which the LLC «Orantus» began the following works:

The device of input ventilation and air conditioning systems, office № 16;

The device of the air conditioning system in an office № 20;

September 9, 2006

The opening of the season in Saint-Petersburg State Academic theatre of Comedy. Actually, the previous season lasted for all summer: the artists of the theatre played in other places performances of current repertoire,  while in the theater building at this time the work was humming-  reconstruction of the system of stage lighting. Of course, the amount of work is less than in the Alexandrinsky theatre, but tasks were no less demanding. It was necessary to reconstruct the thyristor, transfer the light machine to new premises, replace some part of the power lines, to equip a new bridge of light. Lighting equipment delivery was conducted by the DOKA - Sankt-Peterburg". Park of the spotlights in theatre has replenished with a large number of profile projectors UTS and spotlights Selecon with the necessary set of accessories, as well as with Colour Changers CP Color.

07 November 2006

Ltd « Orantus » has signed a state contract with the St. Petersburg State Academic theatre of Comedy for the repairing stage lighting.

Specialists of Ltd “Orantus” began the work with the examination of the technical state and repairing of mechanical equipment for the stage and the hall.

The works of the restoration in the Cabinet of artistic director of the State Academic theatre of Comedy Tatiana Kazakova have been completed. Specialists of "Orantus" performed a difficult task , because at the very beginning of the work space was just in a terrible state. But we are not afraid of challenges, all the works were completed on schedule with a high quality and professionally.

Below you can see photos of the chronology of the works:

June 29, 2007

Complex reconstruction and re-equipment of the St. Petersburg State Academic Theatre Comedy is going on.

Ltd « Orantus » has started the performance of the following works:

Purchase of equipment for the scene;

Manufacture and installation of horizontal batten;

Purchase, installation and commissioning stage lighting equipment for thyristor theatre;

04 July 2007

Works on a survey of technical condition of mechanical equipment for the stage and the hall of the Saint-Petersburg state academic theatre of Comedy

September 27, 2007

A contract was signed with the St. Petersburg state academic theatre of Comedy. Subject of the contract: the Restoration of entrance doors

The works on the restoration of the entrance doors started.

07 December 2007

The works are going on in the premises of St. Petersburg State Academic theatre

The finishing works in the premises of the thyristor and a dressing-room, room №70


Mikhailovsky Theatre

 The theatre was established in 1833 by decree of Tsar Nicholas I. The Mikhaylovsky Theatre is one of Russia's oldest opera and ballet houses. It was founded in 1833 and is situated in a historical building on the Arts Square in St. Petersburg. It is named after Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich of Russia and served as the residence of the Grand Duke, and the theatre became a chamber stage to host the dignitaries from among the Imperial family and close friends.

The building of the Imperial Mikhailovsky Theatre was built in 1831-1833, by the representative of late classicism, a talented architect in St.Petersburg , Alexander Briullov (1798-1877), who is brother of the famous painter Karl Briullov. The facade of the theater was designed by Carlo Rossi, who had planned all Mikhailovsky Square (now - Arts Square) during the years 1819-1825 in the construction of the majestic Mikhailovsky Palace (now - the Russian Museum). In 1859, the Mikhailovsky theatre was completely rebuilt by architect albert Cavos. According to his plan, the stage was greatly expanded, and in the audience additional fifth tier was overbuilt. Today the interior of the theatre can compete with many famous theatres of the world with its beauty and splendor.

Before the Revolution, the Mikhailovsky did not have its own resident company. Performances were given either by a French company, hired by the Russian Imperial Theatres or at the end of the century by the Mariinsky Theatre and Alexandrinsky Theatre companies. Within its walls were opera performances. In the theater for many decades settled French and German drama troupe after the reconstruction in 1859. The performances were rare and were held mostly by the Imperial Russian Opera (Mariinsky Theatre). The exceptions were a few years in the mid-1890s when the building of the Mariinsky was on repair and opera went on a weekly basis at the Mikhailovsky.

Among the visitors at different times at the Mikhailovsky Theatre can be noted the orchestra under the direction of Johann Strauss, the troupe of Sarah Bernhardt, Matilda Kshesinskaya, Feodor Chaliapin. Frequent visitors were representations of A.S. Pushkin, Vasily Zhukovsky, L.N. Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky.

Since 1918, the theatre had been have a constant troupe. In the XX century in the theater worked prominent cultural figures known not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Among them stands out Grikurova conductors and Temirkanov, directors I. Shlepyanova, Meyerhold, B. Zone; F. Lopuchova choreographers, George Balanchine, Grigorovich, N. Boyarchikova.

Before regaining its native name "Mikhailovsky", the theater changed its name four times. Under Soviet rule, it was called the first comic opera theater , then - Small Petrograd , later - Maly Opera ( Malegot ), and in 1989 it was given the name of Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky , and from 2001 to this title joined the original - Mikhailovsky Theatre.

In the summer of 2007 specialists of "Orantus" carried out works on reconstruction of system of stage lighting at the St Petersburg theatre of Opera Mussorgsky - St. Michael.

«The work was very interesting, because there was reconstruction in the theater for 50 years, if not for more. I got interested and found out that there were spotlights 1934 issue, and the majority of devices of illumination were precisely of those years. There was virtually no complex stage lighting. Interest lay in the fact what we managed to make, what should be in the modern theatre. And everything was in the shortest possible time - in three months. We were lucky that the team has already had a similar experience in the Alexandrinsky theatre. And the architecture of these two theatres is very similar.

At the Mikhailovsky theatre projecting and mounting works were parallel. In the end it was installed more than 4 km of steel pipes for cables and laid over 130 km. wires. The difficulty here is that the building is a monument of architecture, and there are many prohibitions and restrictions on performance of works (as in Alexandrinsky). It had to be done in conjunction with all the mechanisms and existing services in the theatre». (Excerpt from an interview with General Director of LLC « Orantus» Rybnikova M. A. dated 28.11.2007 "Petersburg building market" 11 (105))

The specialists of "DOCA Media "and "Orantus" with theater lighting designer Michael Meckler together have constructed equipment specification . The basis of the lighting control system was CONGO control of the ETS in the power part of the complex includes 5 dimmer cabinets SENSOR + (ETS ) on more than 500 controlled lines, and cabinets of direct interventions of ADL Direct Control.

The complex managed council includes 21 remote controlled spotlight Source Four 750 lire of City Theatrical, equipped with autofocus and scrollers, 15 scanners with a moving body Alpha Spot 1200 HPE, 10 pairs blazers CS4 / S. General theatrical light created more than 40 four-chamber lights Aurora CYC and over a hundred other theater and profile projectors manufactured by Selecon and ETC.

All electrical operations were successfully performed by specialists of LLC «Orantus».

Specification of the works is presented below:

Reconstruction of the lighting complex of theater.

Dismantled the old thyristor and power lines.

Installation of the power supply and control system was produced, five spotlights, 10 light towers were manufactured and installed.

The new complex includes lighting : lighting control console CONGO 3000, dimming system SENSOR CE to 480 channels with the appropriate software , the system of unregulated chains ADL Direct Control for 100 lines , 21 controlled Lira Sity Theatrical for the floodlight S4 Ellipsoidal with built-in power source for the scroller included with spotlights, 15 scanners with a moving body Alpha Spot HPE 1200, 10 pairs of blazers CS4 / C, 39 gorizontnyh lamp Aurora CYC 4, 8 lights Aurora FLOOD, 12 four-chamber floodlight Ribaltina RA4, 70 spotlights Rama HP 175 PC 4.5 ° -62 °, 20 Source Four profile spotlights 26 °, 40 spotlights Pacific 14-35 Zoomspot 80V, 40 spotlights Pacific 12-28 Zoomspot, 10 four-chamber floor lamps Aurora Grandrow, 80 lensless spotlight PAR64 Long Black.

Chronology of works is as follows:

September 6, 2007

Entered into a subcontract with JSC "Baltstroy "

The staff of our company started the works on the reconstruction of the duty and work lighting in the stage area in the premises of St. Petersburg GAM State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre Mussorgsky - Mikhailovsky Theatre.

October 2007

St. Petersburg State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre Mussorgsky - Mikhailovsky opens the season.

All last summer the company's employees spent at work instead of holidays. Along with "DOCA Media" and our long-time partner of "DOCA - St. Petersburg" we have been involved into a large and complicated work: reconstruction of a system of stage lighting in St. Petersburg State Academic Opera and Ballet of Mussorgsky. In the shortest period of time - three and a half months - we were to make the supply of equipment, including not only the lights and spotlights, but the dimmer system, totaling almost about 40 million rubles, and completely replace the power lines and control lines, to manufacture and install the new soffit farm. The task has been completed. October 6, 2007 St. Michael's Theatre (this is his new name) has opened a new season .


Reconstruction of the building located at: Krasnoputilovskaya a 70 lit. A

According to the contracts concluded between "Orantus" and DOAO "Orgenergogaz" JSC "Gazprom", our company is working on major construction and renovation of the administrative building with an extension to SU "Lenorgenergogaz" at St. Petersburg, ul. Krasnoputilovskaya a 70 lit. A

The chronology of the works:

July 12, 2004

According to the agreement with DOAO "Orgenergogaz"

The following works were made:

Preparation of technical specifications for the project works on the reconstruction and conversion of the building at St. Petersburg. Krasnoputilovskaya house 70, lit. A

Development of conceptual design of the reconstructed building with an annex

The development of pre-proposals reconstruction in approving bodies

April 1, 2006A

An agreement with DOAO "Orgenergogaz" has been signed

Subject of the contract:

In accordance with the pre-proposal on the reconstruction of the building with an extension of a new corpus at St. Petersburg, Krasnoputilovskaya st., 70, lit. A. Company "Orantus" shall establish the following documentation:

"Assessment of the reconstructed object in the environment"

"Calculation of insolation and natural light"

December 27, 2006

Signed contract DOAO "Orgenergogaz "

Under the terms of the contract specialists of "Orantus " should develop a working draft of the reconstruction of non-residential two -story building for an office building with an annex which is located at St. Petersburg, St. Krasnoputilovskaya , 70 , lit. A

25 June 2007

The contract was signed with DOAO «Orgenergogaz»

Repair works of the administrative building was started at the address: St. Krasnoputilovskaya , 70 , lit. A

08 October 2007

Specialists of «Orantus» started the works on maintenance of security alarm system, current repair of telephone lines, current repair of computer network at the address: St. Krasnoputilovskaya , 70 , lit. A

Customer is Orgenergogaz.


Today, our company is ready to provide potential customers with a range of services related to construction and electrical works .

We provide services:

- Survey of the bearing structures;

- For project and survey work;

- For capital construction;

- Renovation of buildings;

- For restoration work;

- Re-planning of the premises;

- Carry out painting and decorating;

- Plumbing work;

- Electrical work;

- Construction and installation works;

- Installation of process equipment;

- Installation of video surveillance systems;

- Installation of access control, security alarm, telephony

- Decorative works, interior design;

- Carry out the work associated with theater technologies

- Carry out work connected with theatrical technologies - project development and installation of systems of stage lighting of the stage and auditorium.

Our company "Orantus" has all the necessary construction equipment , modern material and technical base, professional staff, as well as the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years for its operations to work successfully.

Along with the North West region, our company is ready to provide their services in other regions of Russia .

Work on Pipelines

As a subcontractor DOAO "Orgenergogaz" JSC "Gazprom", our company "Orantus" carries out a variety of work on gas pipelines

Below shows the chronology of activities:

10 November 2006

Evaluating strength of defective pipes by a method of final elements, the calculation is done for pipes of pipeline section Voloday-Pskov-Riga, Pskov LPU MG with 339км on 364,8km Total length of the plot 25,8km

24 October 2006

Subcontract with DOAO «Orgenergogaz» was signed.

Signed Subject of the agreement:

The start-up works on the equipment that handed over in exploitation of objects of «gas pipeline SRTO - Torzhok. The COP circumpolar»


The development of relay protection and automatics of power plant auxiliaries for «Gubkinsky field» was made.

September 21, 2006

The works were developed and calculations were made of relay protection TPP «Leniniskoe».

20 September 2006

A subcontract with DOAO «Orgenergogaz» was signed.

Subject of the agreement:

Performing commissioning work on "Torzhok - valley environmental facilities at COP - Hill Zhirkovskaya" Customer is "Lentransgaz"

June 2, 2005

Conducted commissioning of the equipment that must be submitted in service of the 1st stage of the complex "The expansion of Nevsky UGS (3 phase) . CC -2 . Headworks "- Customer is DOAO "Orgenergogaz" of "Gazprom "

05 March 2005

Works were carried out to ensure the drying section of the pipeline, land plot «Torzhok-Minsk-Ivatsevichi-3 ' - Customer DOAO «Orgenergogaz» Gazprom»

November 10, 2004

Commissioning of the main technological equipment facility was conducted, reconstruction of GRSK "Kuzmolovo ".

"The system of main gas pipelines Yamal-Europe"

Since 2003 Orantus has been implementing a complex of starting-up works of the equipment of compressor stations of the gas pipeline «Yamal - Europe», whose customer is DOAO «Orgenergogaz» Gazprom».

Yamal-Europe gas pipeline was commissioned on 6 November 1999. The current overall length of the pipeline exceeds 2,000 km. It runs across Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany. The capacity of Yamal-Europe first run is 33 bcm annually.

The project "Yamal-Europe" doesn’t require special representation, because over the past 10 years the world gas community has used to the fact that its name is synonymous with the words: "a giant transcontinental gas pipeline, "the system of gas pipelines connecting the field in the Russian North with the European consumers"

In 1992 "Gazprom" began to explore the idea of building a new export corridor from the Yamal Peninsula fields to Europe to provide greater flexibility of gas supplies and also to create additional markets along the new route.

In 1993, the intergovernmental agreements with Belarus and Poland has been signed, that made possible the implementation of works on construction of a gas pipeline "Yamal-Europe".

In December 1994, there was the Energy Charter conference in Lisbon, where was stated that the increasing demand for gas in Europe is a necessity of construction of new pipeline systems which ensure safe and uninterrupted supply of gas. Rich Russian deposit guaranteeing the reliability of international long-term contracts and defined the directions of the supplies. The European Union considered the construction of the pipeline "Yamal-Europe" as a high-priority investment projects that implemented in the framework of the Trans-European Network (TRANS European network).

The project involved the construction of two runs with a diameter 1420 mm and 4100 km length for gas transportation from the Yamal fields across the territory of Russia, Belarus and Poland to Germany.

At the first stage of the project new fields in the Nadym-PUR-Taz region of the Tyumen region are expected to be used as a raw-material base. And only in the future gas will be supplied from the Yamal fields. The total length of the 1st thread of the route from fields in the Tyumen region to the border of Germany - 4196 km, and 2932 km of it on the territory of Russia . Along the entire route it is necessary to build 31 compressor stations with the total installed capacity 2399 MW.

In 1994 the construction of the pipeline "Yamal-Europe" took place on the territory of Germany by the joint German-Russian joint-stock company "WINGAS", then in Poland, Belarus and Russia.

The reverse order of the construction supposed the completion of the work, especially on the territories of foreign States, to connect new areas of the highway with the old system of pipelines on the territory of transit countries, so gas from Russia could immediately enter new markets. The concept of the construction is developed so that following the needs of the market, became possible phased commissioning of the individual sections of pipelines, compressor stations and the use of existing gas transportation facilities.

After the completion of the underwater crossing via R. Oder on the Polish-German border, as well as commissioning of several plots with the total length of 117 km on the territory of transit countries, through the Belarusian-Polish corridor the Russian gas started to ship to Germany since 1997. Construction terms have been agreed in advance with the obligations of Gazprom's gas supply.

In September 1999, phase 1 of the Belarusian part was completed and the construction of a segment of the pipeline "Yamal-Europe" in Poland was finished.

The plot on the territory of Belarus from the COP "Nesvizh" to the border with Poland, the linear part of the pipeline on the territory of Poland, KS "Kondratki" and CS "Wloclawek" section from KS "Mallnow" to the city Rückersdorf (pipeline "STEGAL") in Germany, were entered into operation at the end of 1999, allowed to export a new direction for about 14 billion m3 of gas in 2000.

July 19, 2005 in Poland, was commissioned compressor stations (CS) "Ciechanow" and "Szamotuly" on the Polish section of the pipeline "Yamal-Europe", and 25 November 2005 commissioned compressor stations "Krupskaya" and "Slonim "on the Belarusian section. The length of the Belarusian gas pipeline "Yamal-Europe" was 575 km.

February 27, 2006 in Poland was put into operation the compressor station "Zambrów" on the Polish section of the main gas pipeline «Yamal-Europe».

Commissioning of the CS "Zambrów" has finished a complex of works on the Polish section of Yamal-Europe» and has allowed deducing it on a designed capacity.

Opening of the highway "Yamal-Europe" leads "Gazprom export" at a new historic threshold. The value of this large-scale project, first of all, is that it increases the flexibility and reliability of flows of Russian gas to Western Europe. The exact aim in this case is the satisfying of the needs of the German market and the market of the Great Britain through the pipeline "Interconnector", as the "Yamal-Europe" becomes the shortest route for Russian gas to the British Isles.

The chronology of commissioning of equipment of compressor stations of the gas pipeline «Yamal - Europe» conducted by OOO «Orantus » since 2003 is snown bellow:

02 September 2003

Starting-up and adjustment works were produced on objects of CS «Smolenskaya «System of main gas pipelines Yamal-Europe».

07 September 2004

Commissioning works were performed on the equipment which was handed over in exploitation of objects of «the System of main gas pipelines Yamal-Europe» of OJSC «Gazprom».

September 06, 2005

Commissioning works were performed on the equipment which was handed over in exploitation of objects of «the System of main gas pipelines Yamal-Europe» on the section of the Torzhok-Bialystok. The COP Rzhevskaya.

September 26, 2005

Commissioning of the equipment handed over in exploitation of objects of «the System of main gas pipelines Yamal-Europe on the section of the Torzhok-Bialystok. The COP «Holm-Zhirkovskaya ».

07 September 2007

A subcontract with DOAO «Orgenergogaz» was signed

Subject of the agreement:

The start-up works on the equipment handed over in exploitation of objects of «the System of main gas pipelines Yamal-Europe on the section of the Torzhok-Bialystok (Russian Federation). The COP Rzhevskaya. Customer is JSC «Yamalgazinvest»